Actionable Insights for Faster Plugin & Theme Growth

The easy way to get notifications for installations growth, download spikes, WordPress repository SERP changes, competitor moves and much more without adding any code. Competition is bigger than ever. Get data at the right time & use it to your advantage.

Create a Free Alert How does it work?

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How Does it Work?

You don't have to install anything, add any code, modify plugins or even create an account on this site. WP Repo Alerts uses public and proprietary data to deliver actionable alerts and periodical reports that enable you to grow plugins & themes faster and smarter.

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Pick a Plugin or Theme

Alerts work for all plugins and themes hosted in the WordPress repository. Pick any one, you don't have to be the owner.

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Configure Alert

Pick the data that's important to you and configure how you want to receive alerts, via email, push notifications, Slack ...

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Actionable tips and data will give you an edge over competitors and allow to make faster, better decisions and grow faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have answers. Remember - we're in beta, so some things are still iffy. Be sure to contact us if you have any additional questions.

When's this thing gonna be done?

Soonish :)

Will I be able to login and browse plugin data?

Yes. You'll have access to 5 years worth of data on almost all plugins in the repo.

Will it be free?

We're aiming to make it free for at least 90% of users. Those who have a lot of plugins or need unrestricted access to our database will pay a monthly fee.

I still don't get it. All this data is already on!?

Most of the data is available on not all. And the data that's available is not presented in a way that's usable for comparing multiple plugins or for understanding why you had 50% less downloads yesterday although "you didn't touch anything".